Juni 18, 2018

Bitcoin is death?

Maximum negativity!

Have we already achieved it? Or is there still some way to go?

The bitcoin and crypto market is suffering a correction after the huge rally in December. Being down to almost $6000 the media is ones again seeing the death of bitcoin. The press is now either quiet or negative about cryptocurrencies and any negative news is more then welcome to bring it big on the front page. What does that mean for the market?

Lets start from the beginning and look back no further then to January 2017

Bitcoin was at a $1000 that time and started a huge ┬árally all the way up to just under $20’000 in December. During that time the media was covering all the positive news which led to get lots of individual investors buying bitcoin and alt coins. During that time the technical development of bitcoin did not made huge moves and stayed pretty much the same until November. At the same time institutional investors did not have the possibility to invest due to law and missing instruments like regulated funds and notes.

Being in the situation of having lots of individual investors, many without knowledge, which lead to increasing prices but at the same time little technical development the market reached a poisoning mix. The correction of the prices was necessary and overdue to happen.

Now we have the situation where the big whales and the market movement have reached that most individual investors are scared and have left the market completely or minimized their positions. The media is now mostly talking negative as this is what the small investors like to read and hear. As much as there was a hype in November with positiv news, now we have a hype with negative news.

What is next?

Bitcoin has made huge technical improvements with the lightening network as well as lots of the Altcoins are now coming into the usable stage where the real value will become obvious. (in same cases in a negative way..). Institutional investors now are having more and more possibilities to invest their and their clients money into the crypto market. So the question is not if Bitcoin is going to die. The question is when do we reach maximum negativity? When are we reaching the bottom of the negative hype?

In the moment when everybody is talking negative and most of the small investors many has left the market, that will be the moment for the institutional investors to come in big. When that happens the real value of the crypto market will be revealed! Is this going to be this month like many experts say or is it more likely to take a few months more?

Be ready

Whether it is now or it is going to be in 2019, be ready, be prepared! The decision you take today will be the creation of the future. When everybody is scared is the moment to be in, when everybody is in and all the news are talking positive is the time to take profit. This is law in investment and will not be different in the crypto market. There is a huge potential, there is also some risk, be ready!