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Bitcoin to $2800 this year?

Bitcoin’s pending “death cross” has left investors worried and confused. According to a graph posted by Bloomberg, the 50-day moving average is getting close to the 200-day moving average. If it touches the latter, or worse, goes below it, bitcoin will suffer a great loss. Considering these trends and comparing these activities to BTC’s price […]

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G20 Watchdog say Crypto not a risk

While many world leaders are shouting out for a global regulation for cryptocurrencies the G20 watchdog says that Cryptos are not a risk and resist regulation. The Financial Stability Board (FSB), the body that coordinates financial regulation for the G20 countries, has effectively dismissed calls from member-states to adopt global cryptocurrency rules. “The FSB’s initial […]

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ICO´s NEWS!!! Switzerland is taking the lead!

  250 people attended a 90 minutes speech of the Director of Swiss FINMA (Financial Market regulator Switzerland) Mark Branson this week in Zurich. The attention was so big, so that two extra rooms with Life Video transmission had to be organized. What is happening in Switzerland´s Crypto World? What are the regulators thinking? This […]

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Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Cryptocurrencies

Cryptoworld moving fast After many negative comments from the banking world especially from JPMorgan is now a turnaround happening. JPMorgan mentioned in the annual report that cryptocurrencies are possibly disrupting the traditional financial system. Disrupted by Technologies After quick lines about the growth of e-commerce, the Report finally comes out with it. “These advances have […]

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