3. Dezember 2017

McDonalds to accept Bitcoin by 2018

McDonalds to accept Bitcoin by 2018

Just after the news that the value of Bitcoin now is greater than the value of McDonalds we have the latest news around Bitcoin and McDonalds! Betting giant Betway have released odds for people to take on the cryptocurrency accepted by McDonalds by 2018. It is becoming obvious that the rise in value of bitcoin now is arriving at the „real“ world and not only McDonalds may accept bitcoin in 2018.

It´s not only McDonald that may accept Bitcoin

There are also rumours that Argos and Amazon will be accepting Bitcoin. British Airways is also on the list of Betway with a 1/3 score.

What is driving this appetite for Bitcoin payments?

After hitting $10´000 dollar in the market recently, Betway is forecasting that the cryptocurrency will continue to rise and get more people using and investing in it. This way Bitcoin will be used as a form of currency for the moment alongside the fiat currencies like pound or dollar.

With the amount of companies Betway have begun to offer odds on and the very short prices you can take, is clear that there is a real appetite in business for Bitcoin payments. The reason why is that Bitcoin itself is simply unstoppable at the moment and the betting giant expects this to not only continue but also see it become a form of currency that many more people will start to invest in. Betway is offering current odds of just 11/8 are being offered for Bitcoin to go past the $20’000 mark by the times 2018 ends, which shows the feeling about digital currencies.


No-one is sure how many Bitcoins a Happy Meal would cost, but we might find out in the not-too-distant future!

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